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Beginner’s Guide To Freelance Writing

Are you thinking of starting your own blog? However, you are having various doubts and questions as to what to do and how. Don’t worry as this article will answer all your basic questions and make you confident enough to start freelance writing.

  • First of all you need to create your own website or blog and get your domain registered.
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Three Pointers to Success in Advanced Web Design

Business needs to have professionally perfect web sites in order to have an effective only footprint, which can in turn help them to grow globally. So, they tend to spend a good some for hiring the designing professionals or companies to accomplish this task effectively. If you are a freelance designer, then it is also possible for you have a handsome income from the web designing assignments you can take up.

However, you need to have a specific level of knowledge and skills in order to be a successful web designer and build your portfolio independently to get clients. For those who aspire for a successful web designer’s career, we will further discuss about a few success pointers you can consider. Keep Reading

Significant tools involved in the process of web development

Web development has achieved the pinnacle in accomplishing significant milestones in the commercial and communication field and the success is generally attributed to the web development tools that are available for free use. Here we chronicle some of them for your knowledge and information.


This is an Adobe hybrid and a vector graphic editor and commercial raster and is available for OS such as Windows and Mac. For web developers especially the web designers this software is very useful because it packs a glut of tools and specially designed for the purpose. Prototyping layouts for website is a breeze with this software and is among the most sought web development tools.


Dreamweaver is an Adobe product used in web development and available for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. This is a commercial application. The options and tools included in its suite are smart code hinting, syntax highlighting, project management, built-in FTP client and options for workflow that make team work an easy exercise. The live-view option tool allows you to preview the source code and it easily vibes with other Adobe products to share smart objects for editing and updating.


Another popular Adobe release and a graphic editor for operating systems Windows and Mac which was intended for commercial graphic designers and photographers. This application is ideal for creating web graphics and editing images. It has a plethora of options and tools such as filters that add effects to a selected section or an image.

Fire Bug

It is a web development tool which is in-browser and open sourced for Firefox. Some of the features that are included in the app are HTML and CSS editing for debugging, a document object model inspection tool for checking the interrelation of web pages, console for logging and analysing to debug JavaScript.

More such tools are available for improving the website development.