Parallax Design

The term ‘parallax’ looks strange to many as something out of a science fiction book. In the field of web designing “parallax” means a particular design approach of adding a continuous scrolling option to the web pages, where the desired graphical elements, text, or menu bars will move along with the scrolling motion.

IT can create a layered viewing effect, which can add more depth to the background and moving images as text and graphics.

Parallax lately work well for the consumer-facing business sites, which features cutting-edge marketing techniques. Parallax can work pretty well in case of B2B services too. This style is found to be very effective as far as promotion is being considered as the dynamic designs can hold people’s attention for longer times, which will allow the service providers to converse with them in detail. Further, we will review the pros and cons of parallax.


One major benefit of parallax is that it saves the visitors from the confusion of switching back and forth of pages to get information. They can simply view the entire story by just scrolling down a page – as seen on the CityCard site. Parallax designs will also help the companies to project their unique image and make their site stand out for others. Also this linear approach can help keep the viewers in track without getting deviated.


Parallax is just one page, so it becomes difficult for the company to optimize their website for a variety of keywords. It also limits the setting of meta data to just one. Another disadvantage is that Google doesn’t promote long because they long to load. The users also won’t be patient enough if a parallax page gets too long to load.

Whatever the case is, parallax is setting a new trend in web site designing, and designers are also recommending this to the clients in terms of designing a minimalist user-friendly   website.