Web Design Industry in 2016

Change can be considered as the creative force of the nature which manifests something new every time. The shift in the Internet usage from the conventional desktop to the modern mobile platform is one such pattern which is making the life of the people sophisticated all over the world.

The IT world is observing it a highly significant shift from the desktop to the mobile devices for surfing the internet.

As per a common fact, more than 88% billion people in the US surf the internet via their Smartphone or tablet. This has brought up the very new concepts of the web layout design which focus the light on the glimpses of futuristic web design.

The very first feature of this new trend is the vivid background – as seen on the Manchester restaurant offers website. People love the background with large image, giving them the view of the deep sea, vistas of the rain forests, beaches and so on. Also, the upper text layer of the website layout is kept semi-transparent in order to make the background visible. This trend is getting popular for the social networking sites, blogs, social communication sites and others.

Another major feature which is the part of this visible change is the header bar which is always stagnant irrespective of the scrolling of the webpage. This is to provide the instant access to the essential links to various sections and pages of website, thus, making it easy for users to quickly jump to the preferred page in the website without scrolling to the specific location.

Above all, the web design is greatly affected by the dynamic images that are optimized for the quick and instant loading over the slow connection – this is omething that Tim Hensel does well. Interestingly, they are being loved by people as they give stunning look with vibrant colors, HD quality image, flat appearance and load within a few seconds. All these features have defined the ultimate trend of the modern web design and development for the mobile platform. This is for what the pro designer must be flexible and adoptive.